The Mavericks Story

It’s 1975, on the North Californian coast...

In 1975 two teenage surfers sat watching spectacular waves breaking half a mile offshore over rocky outcrops and a dangerous reef.

One of the boys decided to brave the treacherous waters to reach the waves. “I’ll tell the coastguard where I last saw you,” was his friend’s response. A legend was born.

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Now one of the world’s best big wave surfing spots, Mavericks in Northern California was ridden solely by the surfer for 15 years having failed to persuade his peers that such waves existed on the west coast.

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Finally in 1990, he convinced two prosurfers to venture out and almost overnight it was propelled into the mainstream with photographs appearing in magazines and a movie being released. Mavericks is now a renowned location for big wave surfers with an annual invitation-only winter surfing competition.

Inspired by the bravery and attitude of the lone surfer, we strive to be different and paddle into exciting new waters. Our premium seeds are from California and will breed plants for surfing a different kind of wave…

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