Half moon

Harlequin 2 X Royal Purple Kush

Half Moon

Half Moon is a strain of feminised seeds, a Harlequin and Purple Kush cross. A well-balanced high Half Moon is both energetic and serene. It provides great pain relief and is ideal for relieving muscle spasms. It is also an appetite stimulant.

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Great flowers with a purple hue within a variety of the pheno’s, there’s also lots of pinene within the terpene profile giving the strain a strong smell.


World renowned, Royal Purple Kush has roots from a Black Afghani mother with enhanced peppery and fruity flavors from the father plant Bubba Kush. It is a flavor that must be experienced. Half Moon takes Royal Purple Kush and mixes it with the CBD dominant Harlequin 2 originating from a cross of Colombian Gold, a Nepali Indica, Thai and Swiss landrace strains.

Half Moon is the name of the bay where the Mavericks surfing location was founded.

More about Royal Purple Kush and Harlequin

Royal Purple Kush is a pure indica with a strong colour to the plant and a good taste. Originally created in California, Purple Kush provides a slow and relaxing full body effect.

A CBD dominant strain, Harlequin has a low THC content. It won’t necessarily get the user particularly high but it will give an effect of an uplifting mood. It can create a relaxed mindset and potential anxiety relief.

About the Breeders…

With a highly ranked Emerald Cup strain and 15 years’ experience, it’s safe to say the Mavericks Seeds breeders know a thing or two about producing high quality cannabis seeds. Sourced from the Humboldt County, California, our strains are not just high in CBD and terpene profiles for a great boost, they are also of medicinal value making them stand head and shoulders above a lot of other products in the market.

Mavericks strains are bred to handle the intense heat of a Californian summer as well as to endure the autumn marine layer – they can handle moisture well and are ideal for most European climates.

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Mavericks Seeds come in a treasure chest style box, secured in a capsule



65 Days


550gm m2






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