Terms and Conditions

1 Contents

Mavericksseeds.com may not be held responsible for the incorrect use of the contents of our website. Information within this web site is ONLY SUITABLE for persons aged 18 years or older.

2 Use of information

Mavericksseeds.com cannot accept any liability arising from users exchanging information through its website.

3 Seeds

Cannabis seeds sold by Mavericksseeds.com within the Spanish territory are collection items and/or genetic preservation items. It is expressly prohibited to use seeds and other marketed products for purposes that are against the current legislation. Mavericksseeds.com does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law, and cannot be held responsible for anyone using our products to do so. The company expressly states that all customers who purchase cannabis seeds from Mavericksseeds.com are responsible for their own actions in the future. Mavericksseeds.com will accept no responsibility in this respect. We do not give any guarantee regarding our seeds. Mavericksseeds.com does not accept any product liability. We will refuse to supply Cannabis Seeds to anyone who we have reason to believe are likely to use it for the cultivation of cannabis.

4 Product Descriptions

The descriptions of these and other products for sale on this website have been taken from sources based in countries where laws do not forbid the use of certain substances. This means that some descriptions make allusions to its effects after consumption, but IN NO CASE does this mean you can consume them. It is merely informative, since these products are sold only as collection items.

5 Country of residence

National laws regarding the sale and possession of Cannabis seeds, their cultivation and the consumption of Cannabis, largely differ from one country to another. Please check your country of residence legal limitations before accessing the contents of this website.

6 Additional considerations

Mavericksseeds.com markets hemp seeds and other products that are absolutely legal in Spain, but always under the condition that our customers do not use them for any unlawful purposes. Spanish law does not prohibit the purchase and sale of hemp seeds within Spain.

We sell our seeds on condition that they will not be used for any purpose other than those specified by local law. Mavericksseeds.com does not wish to encourage anyone to break the law. We expressly state that anyone purchasing seeds from Mavericksseeds.com is responsible for all future acts.

Mavericksseeds.com has never, nor will ever authorise third parties to distribute seeds to countries where the trade of hemp/cannabis seeds is illegal; for this reason Mavericksseeds.com assumes no responsibility in this regard.